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Community Cause

Providing Educational Assistance to Underprivileged Youth

Nearly one in seven young people in New Jersey between the ages of 18 and 24 are classified as “disconnected” from society because they are neither working nor attending school. This number is larger for low income families in our area, and represents a tremendous waste of potential for our community.

Gonzalez Financial Services believes our community should focus on encouraging our children to complete their education, and we are launching a campaign to provide educational assistance and mentorship to young people in our area.

Encouraging Academic Excellence

Gonzalez Financial Services is a recognized Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement here in Monmouth County, and our goals during this campaign will be to encourage children in our area to stay in school, working to support efforts to provide academic assistance to children from low income families entering college, and to sponsor mentorship programs for young people in central New Jersey who need guidance on their path to higher education.

Thousands of young people in our area can benefit from these programs, but we can’t hope to reach all of them without the support of community members like you.

Your Assistance is Critical

Your assistance is critical during this campaign. The best way to help is to invite your close friends, relatives, or co-workers into Gonzalez Financial Services for a free insurance appraisal. While here, we can provide them with details on how to support programs that encourage our young people to stay in school. As a thank you, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local program or agency that offers academic assistance to underprivileged young people.

A Responsibility we Share

Ensuring that our children complete their education is a responsibility everyone in our community shares. Please join us, and let’s make sure no more children slip through the cracks.


Gil Gonzalez

Gonzalez Financial Services

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