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Meet Our Team

Gil Gonzalez
Agency Owner

I have only a little over a year experience in the insurance industry.  But, I’ve spent have my career working for Wall St firms and am very familiar with insurance and other financial instruments.

I was actually born in Cuba and came to the United States at 1 years old.  I grew up in New York City, then moved to the suburbs of beautiful NJ.

Insurance is a very complicated topic and many people really don’t understand what they have, I really enjoy sharing my knowledge to help people understand what are the right coverages to best protect their family.

I LOVE technology. My background is actually in I.T.  Yes! I’m a geek. I love working with computers, video, audio, and all the latest tech.  Don’t even get me started on a Tesla.

You’ll probably find me shooting video.  I’m a part-time videographer. I specialize in dance competitions and recitals.  But, when I’m not doing that, you’ll find me at the nearest beach or amusement park (I love roller coasters).

I love Roller Coasters.  I’ve ridden over 300 different roller coasters across the U.S.

I don’t have any passion on a specific non-profit, I just enjoy helping people.  I’m pretty handy and recently thought habitats for humanity might be good for me to get involved in.

Andrea Gonzalez
Office Manager

I enjoy working in the insurance industry because I am passionate about making sure families are properly covered.

The best part of my job is meeting new people and helping to meet their needs.

When I’m not working, you can find me at home enjoying my time with my family. We enjoy cooking together and watching movies.

In terms of giving back, I love that our agency is always looking for new ways to help out in the community. It feels good to help someone in need!


Norma Wokas
Licensed Service Representative

I love the insurance world. Once you are in, you can’t get out. It’s too much fun!

I grew up in Nicaragua, came to the USA at the age of 15.  My first job in insurance was at AIG at the age of 22. I studied Insurance and Finance in NYC and have been working in insurance since then.

The best part of my job is meeting new people all the time and understanding their needs and figuring out the best way I can help them.  For me insurance is creativity because everybody has different needs.

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading the bible.  I like to write, listen to people that are positive and enjoy music, art, and travel. I also love Shopping!

I love teaching, art, Spanish, and fundraising for causes that truly help better someone’s life. I love Doctors without borders. And I would love to encourage everybody to support causes that improve health and education all around the world.

Susan Kershaw
Licensed Sales Representative

I enjoy helping people and I’m happy that the insurance industry allows me to do just that!

Amanda Gonzalez
Service and Support Specialist

I am new to the insurance industry, but have a lot of experience in customer service and retail. I am excited to use my experince in my position here at Gonzalez Financial Services.

I grew up here in Monmouth county and have lived here my whole life. I currently attend Florida State University, but come right back home to the community I am deeply rooted in.

I love to make people smile. No matter what problem may arise, I love that I have the ability to make someone’s day better and solve the issues as easily as possible.

I, personally, am passionate about two things; sports and dance. If someone brings up the football or basketball(especially the New York Jets or my Seminoles), I could go on for hours. I also danced growing up and still find ways to keep it a part of my life.

Over the summer, you can find me at the beach when I am not working. Otherwise, I like to work out or just hangout and grab a bite to eat with my friends.

I can play guitar and ukuele, and am currently working on learning the drums and keyboard.

At Florida State, I take part in the Habitat for Humanity program, where the club builds houses for the homeless. Its a fun time and makes such an impact on the community.

Marc Gonzalez
Customer Relations

While I am new to the insurance industry, after working with Gonzalez Financial Services I have obtained knowledge of the insurance industry as well as experience in customer relations.

I was born and raised in Manalapan, NJ and while I am only a Junior in High School, I aspire to learn more and more about the insurance industry each day.

The best part about working at Gonzalez Financial Services is the atmosphere as well as the ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

In my spare time I love to cook and do graphic design work, the creativity aspect of my personal life, helps me bring those qualities into the workplace.

When I am not working, you can find me in the kitchen trying new things and whipping up many different recipes.

I love to play the piano.

Working with food is my passion, so non- profit organizations like No Kid Hungry truly is a calling for me, and I personally believe that no child should ever not be able to have a meal.